Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"The Reason Students Came to BCM the First Time"

Daniel Berry, University of Kentucky and Brian Combs at Northern Kentucky University designed a survey that was completed by 443 students attending BCM in 14 different states.

With all we do to reach students, we always wonder what one thing matters the most. Why did they come the first time?

77% said they came because someone invited them! That doesn't mean other enlistments things don't matter....but, it is still the personal that makes the biggest difference.

Daniel and Brian will be sharing all the results of their study in the "Reaching Men" Idea Lab at the National Collegiate Ministries Summit in Nashville May 2-4.


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  2. I had received the mail-outs before move-in day my Freshman year, after filling out one of the information cards at orientation (that all freshman fill out and list religion, sports, etc). I didn't think I would be a part, but one of my friends invited me. I in turn invited another friend. "Freshman Survivor," was a nice introduction and then there was the follow up with the opportunity to join "family groups," which for a freshman who didn't know anyone was a much needed opportunity. If nothing else, I knew what the BCM was when I was invited and where I was going. And I am glad I received all of the invites.