Friday, April 20, 2012

"7 Red Flags in a Dating Relationship"

A red flag is a warning...slow down, check this out; danger may be just ahead.

1. The two of you are all consumed in each other and all other relationships are ignored or neglected.

2. Major differences are ignored or not talked about, such as future goals, religious differences and life priorities.

3. There is a drastic change in the sense of responsibility one or both partners feel to other commitments and responsibilities (withdrawal).

4. The people who know you best and love you most disapprove of the relationship.

5. Conflict/disagreement is avoided at all cost (healthy relationships have and deal with disagreements).

6. One partner demonstrates a lack of respect for the other (excessive anger, belittling, physical abuse, sexual pressure).

7. Physical contact or sexual involvement becomes the central or main activity. (No relationship based solely on the physical is can't breathe hard all the time!)

I was speaking on a campus where a girl said, "My boyfriend and I have only 5 of the 7, so I guess we are ok.". No!! Any one of these can be a deal breaker and at the very least is a call for examination and honest evaluation of the relationship.

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