Thursday, April 19, 2012

"So, Forget the Publicity?"

If 77% of students say they went to a BCM ministry the first time because of a personal invitation, why do publicity?

Publicity can be a factor in how they feel about the personal invitation they receive. Students who came for the first time often told me they had been wanting to come and had not because they did not know anyone who came....until they were invited. Wanting to come prior to the invitation is a big part in their coming as a result of the invitation.

But, even if you think personal invitations to your ministry are all you need.....realize you will need to train and encourage your students to invite others. For some reason, it does not come naturally. Students will often say about friends, it had never occurred to me to invite them. We don't know how many that are invited that don't, the discouragement factor by those doing the inviting also figures in....but, inviting people is huge!

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