Thursday, April 26, 2012

"The Second Most Listed Reason Why Students Went to a Christian Event"

46.8% of students said the second biggest factor in their attending a Christian collegiate event foe the first time was....."an appealing event". Females indicated they were more likely to attend because of an appealing invent than males. A huge reminder that reaching men and women is NOT done the same way. The first most listed factor was "someone invited me". The two fit together. At the beginning of the school year make sure you provide some attractive and appealing events that it is easy for your students to invite others to attend. These figures taken from a survey of 443 students attending Baptist Collegiate Ministries in 14 different states. The survey was done by Daniel Berry of the University of Kentucky and Brian Combs at Northern Kentucky University. The complete results of this very valuable survey will be shared at the National Collegiate Ministries Summit next week in Nashville as part of the "Reaching More Men" Idea Lab.

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