Monday, December 24, 2012

2 Important College Ministry Reminders

This weekend I attended a worship service where 3 of my former students participated and they reminded me why I believe some things so strongly about college ministry. First, the worship band that led the music time had a drummer that had been in our campus worship band and he did a super job....only when we picked him for our campus band, he was not a super drummer....he was barely a drummer....but he was very involved in our ministry and of great character.

It reminded me why I had turned down different offers to have local church staffers help us put together a super band....just not made up of our students. I felt one of our tasks is to use and train students for service. Are you providing something for students to just observe or are you letting/asking them to serve and lead for the future benefit of the church and God's Kingdom?

Then, later in the service, a foreign missionary couple shared their testimony. He had come to our campus as the best pole vaulter in the state to our nationally known track program. He came to Freshmen Survival and met a cute girl in his family group. They began to date. She was so much of a home girl, she went home every weekend. Today, they serve thousands of miles from home. He isn't an Olympic pole vaulter and she doesn't live next door to her family. NEVER, NEVER pre-plan who you can reach and who God will call to do what!/>

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