Thursday, December 20, 2012

My College Ministry Christmas Wish List

When I was a boy there was a time when my mom would let me make up a "Christmas Wish List". I didn't get everything on it, but I always got something. So, here is my College Ministry Christmas Wish List:

1. That those Baptist Collegiate Ministers who were defunded and are now having to raise their salaries would get to 100% (one couple I know is now living at 1/3).

2. That State Conventions would provide insurance in some way for their College Ministers' children.

3. Colleges would not tell campus religious groups what the requirements for their student leaders can and cannot be.

4. For College Ministers to be paid as much as Football Coaches and be provided a car for them and their spouse...don't worry about the country club membership!

5. For all College/University administrators to realize what a huge benefit campus based ministries are to the whole campus,

6. For all College Ministers to not post ALL their political thoughts on Facebook.

7. For denominational leaders to realize what all their College Ministers do and how hard they work.

I know I can't have everything on my Christmas Wish any and as many of the above would be great!

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