Thursday, December 6, 2012

God Calls Collegiates to Ministry...

All of us who do College Ministry believe God calls college students to vocational ministry.....but, are you reminding them of that regularly and helping those who have acknowledged that call in their life? Some years ago a friend at IMB told me that more people in small churches sensed God's call to missions than people in large churches. Maybe that means the personal in all of that is huge.

Every semester do you somehow have it in your speaking or promotion plan to emphasize God's call to vocational ministry?

Some things that need communicating:
-What are ways people sense/hear God's call to ministry?
-What are different things God calls people to do?
-What do you do when you feel called, but don't know to what?

We all know that College Ministry is the high calling, but God does need some other folks too! When I first sensed God's call I only knew there were preachers and music ministers. Without a doubt, God was not calling me to music ministry. So, was I supposed to be a preacher? I didn't think so, but people told me it was...they had probably heard me sing.

One thing we did at Arkansas State each year was to have a panel made up of a Children's Minister, Administrator, Youth Minister, Music, Special Ministries, Counselor, Ed Minister....whatever we could find. They told what they did and we asked questions about how you felt called, etc.

There's no one way to do it, but it needs doing regularly. By the way, just heard that Lottie Moon became a Christian in college. Whoever helped her work out her calling did pretty well!

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