Sunday, August 25, 2013

Responding to Messages and Saying Thank You

Those that know me very well or have heard me lead a session at a College Minister conference know that I am adamant about writing thank you notes to your contributors and other folks that ought to be thanked by you.

I also am also a strong believer in answering messages or responding to emails and other messages. If someone sends me an email that needs no response, I often will send a "Thanks" or even "Tks". That way they know I got it. I never cease to be amazed by "professional ministry" people who don't respond to messages or return calls.

Recently, in my role as a Contract worker for the Lifeway Collegiate office, I presided at a session where Dr Frank Page, President of the Executive Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, spoke to a large group of our College Ministers. If you don't know Baptist organization, that is the number one Baptist hired hand! I wrote him a brief thank you note, as he had gone out of his way do it and had been extremely encouraging to the group. Guess what......I got a thank you note back for my thank you note.

It didn't surprise me too much since I had had an experience with him when he was President of the Southern Baptist Convention and written him a thank you....and he wrote me a thank you for my thank you.

Here's my point, I would guess you aren't busier or more important than Dr. you take/make time to return messages or let folks know you got the information they sent you? People do notice! But, you don't have to write thank You's for your thank You's.....that's bonus stuff.

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