Friday, August 23, 2013

The Oh-No of Announcements

Announcements is a dirty word to lots of people....not got stuff you need people to know. And, you know stuff people want to know. I have just been through Welcome Week and four different large group events where announcements were made by a variety of church folks, both staff and lay people. Some were well done and some could have been better.

Here is what I noticed....most had lots to share....lots. They announced many things and lots of time it ran together. Heads dropped and eyes glazed over.

So, what's the secret? It's LESS is MORE! Pick out one or two things you want them to know...share those one or two things. Smile and be positive and warm.

Some would announce everything from every event they offer to what trip they were taking in January. I'm convinced the more you announce...the less they hear!

So, what do you announce? Here's my two suggestions. Announce your next event. Most students, particularly freshmen tend to live moment to moment. So, what's next? What's tomorrow? What's this weekend?

Or, if they should just attend ONE thing you offer, what would it be? What's THE thing you most want them to attend?

Remember: Less is more and the more you announce, the less they hear!

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