Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Fifth Season of College Ministry

I have written and spoken a lot at College Minister Conferences about the four seasons of a lifelong College Ministry and how to survive and thrive in each season. Two years ago I retired from a long time ministry at Arkansas State University. Two weeks ago my successor announced his resignation (after 2 very strong years) and I was asked to become the "Acting Director" since school was about to start and to allow the powers that be to make wise decisions about what is next.

My wife, Sue, said now I could write and speak about the fifth season. As usual, I think she has a good idea. So, it is my hope and plan to share some thoughts from the Fifth Season over the next few weeks.

First, I have been asked to work 3 days a week to oversee a large ministry. I know I am not now suddenly smart enough to do in 3 days what used to take me 6 or 7 days a week to do. So, it means I have to figure out what I am going to do and what not to do......and feel ok about it.....not let it eat me up.

Second, I have to not put pressure on myself that no one else is putting on me! Several years ago, we did a fund raising campaign among our alums, friends and area churches to raise the money to build a very large and nice campus ministry center. We said we were doing it to take our ministry to another level. Attendance had peaked out to the max in our old Facility. When the money was given and the center built, I felt a pressure to take the ministry to the next level....were we growing as we should? Did the crowds justify the money given and spent?

Our ministry did grow, but I think I never released myself from that pressure. As I think about it now, I think no one was exerting that pressure....except me. I was putting pressure on myself.

In this, the Fifth Season, I realize the importance of setting my priorities, living by those priorities and not feeling pressure that no one is exerting but me!!

How about you....have you decided your priorities....are you living by those priorities.....and, are you exerting pressure on you that no one else is exerting??

Coming soon...more thoughts and lessons from The Fifth Season.

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