Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Good Book

Carey Nieuwhof's book, Leading Change Without Losing It, is excellent. It is a quick practical read of 118 pages.

One of the things he does best is talking about "4 Kinds of People"....The Early Adopters, The Early Majority,
The Quiet Majority, and The Opponents. He makes a good case for what percentages of these usually are.

Another great contribution is talking about recognizing the difference in "Loud and Large". He says, "Just because a voice is loud doesn't mean you should listen to it most". For a biblical background, he points to Moses.

If you are working for a big change in your ministry, this is a must read....OR....pass it on to friends who are living in the midst of a tough transition. My first year as Campus Minister at ASU was tougher on me emotionally than my year in the war in Vietnam. If you are there this year, this book may help just a little!

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