Friday, January 31, 2014

Which Title Describes Your Collegiate Ministry Strength and Style?

If you have done College Ministry for more than a week, you know you have to be a Jack or Jill of all Trades. I have talked with a pastor about a $100,000 gift to our building campaign and 5 minutes later helped a student shed tears over a $25 parking ticket. Then, you go mop the floor where the commode ran over.....and oh yeah, you are supposed to speak in a few minutes.

But, if you had to use one word to describe your style or strength, what would it be? Pick from one of these:







Which best describes you at your best?

Which one least describes you?

If you are a hybrid of two.....which two?

If you readily identify one of these as your core strength, are you functioning in that role? Are you giving yourself the chance to do it well? The Lord made us all uniquely and He wants to use us that way? If all of these are valid roles in your ministry and one is obviously a weakness....what are you doing about it? Is there someone else who can fill that role.

Jim Whaley says "Communicator" should be one of the choices....good suggestion. Others?

By the way, if you make me choose, I would go with Manager (I see it as a combination of things.). For the hybrid, I'm a Manager/Mentor. My weakness.....I'm not a Preacher....but I'm a pretty good speaker. But, never forget, there is more than one way and one style to do College Ministry right and well. Don't just copy someone else.
Ok, which one are you?

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