Friday, January 10, 2014

Reaching Guys

I just read an excellent article, "Why Men Don't Sing in Church". Simply put, the author said it was due to lack of familiarity with the words and tune cause we sing so many different ones. So, that's not just a guy issue. I have noticed that anytime we sing a hymn that more people sing and or sing louder.

But, it again punches my button about reaching guys. In my fifth season of campus ministry anpd return to Arkansas State, I have been blessed with being connected to the "BCM Naked Guys". They are guys ranging from 15 to 35 depending on the event and the weather who paint up for football and some basketball games. Twenty guys did it for the bowl game. First, let me say that was never a name we just developed. But, everyone on campus knows it. The Athletic Department and coaches love them. They were on the cover of the annual a year back.

Part of what makes it work is a student leader who continually enlists, prods and most importantly keeps them in line. It would not work without him. But, does it cause us to reach more guys? I don't know the answer for sure, but I think so! I sure know it helps our ministry be known on campus. Would the time and energy be better spent on something else......a world hunger evangelistic event....a trafficking event? Sure! Would it? No. But, because we connect ith them in that area, I know they connect with us in some other areas.

Reaching and connecting with more guys is sloppy and not real certain. But, we have to try and do different things. By the way, I'm more sold on the Naked Guys than I've ever been! By the way, we don't hold hands and pray at the end of our worship events anymore like we did some years ago....only real churchy guys like that!

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