Saturday, January 25, 2014

Now that the Spring Semester has Started

We write and talk a lot about what to do at the start of the fall semester, but we don't say much about getting the Spring Semester going. That's because we have it totally under control and our ministry is packed out with super committed disciples. In fact we don't have room for any more. If this describes you....don't read any further. Some things you might do:

1. Be very diligent in looking at and thinking about who you have seen.....and, who have you not seen? Who has not appeared this semester that was a regular before Christmas?

2. if you have not laid your speaking topics and scriptures out for now to Spring Break, it's not too late and it will keep you from scrambling so much each week.

3. Are Spring Break plans nailed down?

4. Who are some freshmen who have really begun to blossom and could be given some additional opportunities?

5. Do you select next Year's leaders before the semester ends? Begin to just watch some folks with that in mind.

6. Is there a College Ministry friend who had a tough and discouraging fall semester that you need to call and see how their semester is starting and just encourage on?

7. Have you sent tax information to your contributors? I believe in sending to all who gave...not just those who gave $250 or more. It shows you are grateful.

8. It's not too early to think about what you will do for your spouse for Valentines....College Ministry spouses are too often not treated as they deserve.

9. Is there a Couples Event you could do related to Valentines....
Engaged Couples seminar, Godly Woman seminar, or a Guy/Girl Relationships focus for your worship event as an outreach event.

10. What was the best use of your time last semester? What was the biggest waste of your time? Repeat and Don't repeat!

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