Monday, January 27, 2014

New Students, Info Cards, and Follow Up

One of the great things about the start of a new semester is seeing new students you did not see the previous semester. So, how do you identify them and what then?

At a Lunch Program, it is possible to have Info Cards simply spread up and down the tables. We have even sometimes had a small golf pencil taped to each one. At our first Lunch Program of each semester we announce a drawing from all new cards turned in for a gift card to a student eating place. Or, this semester we drew for a Lunch Card good for all the dollar BCM lunches the rest of the semester.

At our evening Worship event, it has been more difficult to get Info Cards. This semester, we experimented with having some BCM plastic cups filled with candy and an Info card at a Newcomers Table. One of our very outgoing and warm students worked at the table. Those students working at the Welcome Tables doing name tags directed them to the Newcomers Table.

So, what do you do with the cards you get?
-Give them to a student who lives in the same Residence Hall?
-Give their name and number to a student to call or text?
-Text each of them yourself?

I'm of the opinion that the sooner they hear from you the better. I personally lean toward the text message by someone. They don't have to answer and it still let's them remain somewhat anonymous. I texted several students today whose cards we had gotten last Wednesday and Thursday (Yes; I was late!). I was pleasantly surprised at the number who texted back.

How do you get contact information from students? Or, do you? How do you follow up?

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