Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Good Church Ministry Idea

You may not have seen the comment on my blog, "What's the One Thing"? Jonathon is a Church College Minister. This idea is from him.

He says Paul Worchester in his E-Book on starting a College Ministry says, "Freshmen are looking for fun and friends". So, Jonathon says he has either a fun or service event each month and since he started doing this his ministry has boomed. The second thing he says is the discussion and growth that happens in his small groups.

He has figured out what his ONE Thing is....and 1-B. Have you understood what YOUR one thing is?

In previous blogs I have stated I believe in College Ministries offering some fun events because many students become involved in harmful activities while just looking for fun events. But, you have to not become just a wholesome fun organization.

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