Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Questions to Ask as Spring Comes to Campus

Hopefully, spring is about to appear and whether it does or not...Spring Break will and that changes every thing! Following Spring Break, the days race to the end of the semester. Students are less with you every day from Spring Break on.

Now is the time to ask these questions about your ministry?

1. What do we need to experiment with or try out as a possible change for next fall?
-Considering a time change for your weekly event....try it out!
-Considering a different location for an event....try it out.
-Considering a format change....try it out.

2. What do you need to double down on?
-in other words, are you utilizing your strengths to the max?

3. What students need one more conversation about their summer plans or missions application deadlines?

4. Do you know the dates for any Orientations or other summer events you need to connect to?

5. Have you talked with your spouse about penciling in vacation days and which before other things get put down?

6. How does your Student Leadership Team need to be tweaked?

7. When are you doing Student Leadership Team interviews/selection?

8. Who are some students who have disappeared during the ice, cold, snow, flu season with which you need to re-connect?

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