Thursday, March 13, 2014

What's in a Title?

One thing I notice today is there is more variety of titles among those who do College Ministry. Sometimes, that is nothing more than trend or what's in vogue. But, sometimes the different titles represent a specific view of College Ministry or their specific ministry or how they do it. Here are some examples.

-Campus Pastor

-Campus Minister

-University Minister

-Baptist Campus Minister

-BCM Director

-College Pastor

-The College Kid (that's one I heard given...not used by the person himself.)

I'm sure there are lots more and would be glad to hear them. Since I travel mostly in Baptist circles, those are mostly what I hear. Two or three things to consider:
-What does my title say about what I do?
-What do people hear when that title is used (perhaps not what you intended them to hear)?
-Does my title convey a truthful description?

I recently heard a Baptist Collegiate Ministry person say his title was "Campus Pastor". On the very large campus where he serves, some would say that's not accurate....others would say, "He's A Campus Pastor...but not THE Campus Pastor". Obviously, many of us don't have a choice what title we have...but, I do hear people describe themselves by a title different than what their official title is.

What title do you use and why?

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