Tuesday, May 27, 2014

College Ministries in the US - MBSF

MBSF or Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship is a College Ministry primarily located in Arkansas. But, there are MBSF ministries in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, California, and Texas. It was started at UA-Monticello (Arkansas)in 1954 by the Pauline Baptist Church. Each ministry is primarily supported by one Missionary Baptist Church with the College Minister being a staff member for that church. In some locations, the pastor of the sponsoring church serves as the Director of the MBSF. On some campuses, they have a campus house or MBSF Center and in other locations they meet at the sponsoring church.

Some Basic Facts:

30 Campuses

Approximately 30 MBSF Directors (full time and part time)

1,000 students involved.

The flagship MBSF ministry continues to be at UA-Monticello where the movement began. They have a large and modern on campus facility there.

This is the third in a series on different College Ministries in the country.

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