Friday, May 30, 2014

What Are Your Students Like?

It has been said that we attract people just like ourselves. That thought can be funny or even a little depressing when you think about some of the students you have had! But, I do think there is more than a touch of truth in it. We all automatically connect with some people and not so much with others.

Another related principle is students tend to grow to value the things we value and practice. Many years ago I spoke on two or three different campuses for different occasions. In each I was struck by the similarity of the students and the College Minister. On one campus, the Campus Minister was a good athlete and even though not young played a lot of basketball. There was lots of athletic type guys involved. On another campus, the Campus Minister was a musician...played guitar and sang. I was blown away by the number and quality of musicians in that ministry.
I was on another campus where the Campus Minister was always late and know the rest of the story.

What students are you attracting and what message and habits are you reinforcing by your actions?

-Are you usually on time and where you are supposed to be?

-Do you prepare in advance for assignments?

-Do you answer emails, texts, Facebook messages in a timely way (my work email rule is "same day")?

-Do you read the Bible and pray on a daily basis?

-Do you talk to new people or same old same old at ministry events?

-Do you share Christ with lost students?

-Does the correspondence that goes out from your ministry show a level of excellence? The mail people get from you tells them something about your ministry. Are they attracted to your ministry?

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