Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Are Your College Ministry Promotional Materials Too "Religious"?

Its the time Of year when you are either thinking about what your promotional materials will look like or you are already handing them out at Freshmen Orientation/Registration events. It may sound like a silly question....."Are they too religious?"...we are a Christian ministry, you know.

Ok, here's the deal. I see lots of College Ministry websites and some printed handouts and I think lots of them are written to preachers or to make bosses happy. Or, they are written to be appealing to students who are serious disciples already. Many speak of discipleship and dealing with serious questions. I am sorry to say I don't think that is where most entering College Freshmen are. Are you just a Discipleship ministry or are you an Outreach ministry? I want to connect with students for Christ who are not coming to college with growing as a Christian as their first priority.

Most are looking for friends, fun activities, service opportunities, and even leadership opportunities. Please hear me, I am not saying sell out on who you are or hide who you are. No; don't be a bait and switch group. But, I want to connect with students who aren't all about scripture memory....yet, or answering life's deepest questions...yet. What about you? With whom are you trying to connect? Do you do fun events...especially at the start of school? Do you offer any special freshmen events? Don't NOT mention Bible study or Discipleship, But, do mention and show activities that might attract someone who needs to go to a Bible study, but might not make that the top of their Freshman want list.

Finally, remember; pictures tell more and better stories than anything else. Do your pictures show students like you are reaching out to? Does anyone look like they are having fun? Is anyone standing on a mountain in a different country? Are they dressed like College students dress? Have the necessary printed text and more pictures....less words more pictures.

Is your promotional piece or website too religious?

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