Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A College Minister Code of Ethics

Many years ago I had my first experience of seeing what I felt was College Ministers behaving in what I and others considered unethical behavior. Through the years I've said about this or that action, "That's unethical.". But, I realized two things. I had never read or seen any sort of simple ethical statement for College Ministers. Second, many of these College Ministers were young and I genuinely think did not know what they were doing was viewed as unethical. Here's my try at a brief ethical guide.

A College Minister Code of Ethics

As a College Minister, I will strive,

-To serve for God's best for each student and not how they may best serve my ministry or promote my ministry goals.

-To strive for balance and care for my spouse and my children while doing ministry.

-To be fair and honest in dealing with other campus ministries.

-To not sell or advocate the sale of products to students for my personal gain.

-To avoid the appearance and reality of inappropriate male/female relationships.

-To operate at the highest standards of accountability and openness in terms of finances provided to the ministry.

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