Monday, December 1, 2014

10 Elements of Super Large Campus Based College Ministries

This is not a formula. It is not, do these 10 things, even if you can, and you are guaranteed a super large College Ministry. Sometimes, I believe there is just a movement of God that cannot be explained in any other way and certainly not put into a formula. I see College Ministers doing everything right and not seeing a large response. When I served as Campus Minister for the ministry at Arkansas State, we had a large ministry. We did not have a super large ministry. We never reached as many students as I felt we should have. So, I can't give you a magic formula. But, these are common elements that seem to be true in different ones of the super large campus based ministries...not all necessarily have each of these ten. But, these ten show up regularly. I think most of these are true for church based college ministries but, there are some different variables that exist in church based College Ministries.

1. A staff of 10 to 25.

2. A long term, experienced campus director.

3. Significant program budget

4. Strategic, organized and on-going small group/discipleship ministry.

5. Well trained and responsible upperclass student leaders.

6. Adequate meeting space in size and location.

7. Strong speaker and/or excellent worship band or worship leader.

8. Well known on campus with an excellent reputation (momentum).

9. Intentional plan for reaching freshmen with an intensive outreach at the start of school.

10. Do just a few things and do them well.

You may be far from super large. But, perhaps as you look at your ministry, you might say, here are one or two of these we need to work on or add that might take us another step in reaching more students.

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