Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2nd Most Read Blog 2014: 10 Influential Voices in College Ministry

There is an article circulating listing what one survey described as the "20 Most Influential Evangelicals". One of these is considered a leading voice in College Ministry. So, who are the notable voices in College Ministry? Who are people reading? Who do other College Ministers emulate? Who is doing the thinking and speaking that affects everyone in College Ministry?

Here are 10 Notable College Ministry voices in no particular order.

Max Barnett - Former BCM Director at Oklahoma University and now teaches at different SBC Seminaries.

Stephen Lutz - Colleg Minister in Pennsylvania whose book, College Ministry in a Post Christian Culture, has been used as required reading in several College Ministry settings. He has a new book, King of the Campus.

Mark Whitt - College Ministry leader for Southern Baptists who is headquartered at Lifeway in Nashville and formerly BCM Director at Murray State University.

Chuck Bomar - Author of College Ministry 101 and College Ministry from Scratch and now pastor of Colossae Church in Portland.

Louie Giglio - Became known for large weekly collegiate event at Baylor and then started the Passion Conferences.

Brian Frye - State College Ministry Director for Ohio Baptists and North American Mission Board Collegiate Ministry consultant. Considered an expert in Collegiate Church planting.

Steve Masters - Director of a large BCM ministry at LSU and considered an expert in transitioning high school seniors to spiritual involvement in college.

Joel Bratcher - BSM Director at Texas A&M with a large ministry and seen as a role model in evangelism with International students.

Steve Shadrach - Author of The Fuel and the Flame. Started Student Mobilazation and considered an expert in fund raising.

George Jacobus - College Minister of a large church based College Ministry at Central Baptist Church in Bryan, Texas at Texas A&M and a leader of the Church College Ministers organization.

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