Monday, December 15, 2014

An End of the Year Task for College Ministers

Say thanks to lots of people who deserve to hear it.

Students are gone or leaving and you are looking forward to a breather. But, one more thing needs to be done. Say thanks to people who have helped make your ministry possible this semester and calendar year. Churches have given to your ministry, alums and other supporters have sent checks. Some people have just been extra supportive to you when times were hard.

What are some different ways to say thanks?

-Personal, handwritten notes are always appropriate.

-A letter detailing some of the great things that happened this past semester....personalized or mass produced.

-A visit. Stop by someone's office and say, "I just stopped by to say how much I appreciate you".

-Call someone and say, "I want to take you to lunch".

-A picture Christmas card with a picture of your student group, a picture of your Center, or a picture at some event can be sent to pastors, alums, Individuals, friends, prayer partners.

A colleague and I were visiting the other day and he told of the pastor of a Baptist church with a large College Ministry who said he had never met the Baptist Campus Minister on that campus. Oh my! A visit to that pastor at the end of the year would be a good idea. He could say, "Thanks for what your church is doing to touch college students".

So, make a list and check it twice...who all needs to hear the magic words, "Thank you" from you?

By the way, thanks for giving your life to College Ministry! It is the high calling!

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