Friday, March 20, 2015

A New Religious Preference?

In my role as an Interim Church College Minister, I attend the BCM's weekly outreach Lunch Program to connect with my students, meet new students and be of help when needed. Sometimes, I sit with some of my students and encourage them and meet their friends they have brought.

This past Wednesday I sat down across from a student who was obviously by himself. We shared names and I said, "Tell me about you". He said "Well, I used to be a Christian, but now I'm an explorer".

Obviously, I am familiar with the "Nones" that we speak and write of so frequently, but I had not had a student tell me they were an "Explorer". So, naturally I asked him to tell me more. He told me of exploring different religions and of what he saw as common features of different religions and which ones he saw as diametrically opposite each other.

Just as the speaker for the Lunch Program was being introduced, my new "Explorer friend" said he he had to go and left quickly. I am already looking forward to seeing him again. Oh, as he left he said, "Thank you for not judging me". I had not done anything special, so that statement surprised me.

So, what do we do with the "Explorers"?

One thought on my part is that we need to be up on the general thoughts and beliefs of other religions (Yeah, I know, I'm still trying to figure out everything Baptists believe.) and that in some of our teaching and speaking, we need to talk about how our Christian faith compares and contrasts to other religions. I also may tell my new friend that I'm an "Explorer" too.

The "Nones" are out there....but, the "Explorers" are out there too. Hey, isn't that part of why we have outreach Lunch Programs on college campuses? I will be there next week looking for Donald.

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