Monday, March 23, 2015

Time to Experiment!....and Cast Vision!!

College Ministry has lots of different seasons and surviving and being what God wants your ministry to be takes recognizing and utilizing these different seasons. In Alabama they say there are two seasons...fall football and spring football.

Spring football going on now most places is the time of getting ready for the fall. Coaches are evaluating players, moving them around and adjusting their offensive and defensive schemes for the fall. This is the time they try new things.

Spring break to the end of the Spring Semester is a special season in College Ministry. Just like the first month of the fall is special, so is the time from Spring Break to the end. Many have recently installed new Leadership Teams. Students are a little less with you each day as the deadline of finals looms and the procrastination of sleepy winter days begins to catch up.

Now, is the time to experiment....what is something you have always thought about having your worship some place different...doing an outreach or ministry project instead of your weekly event...doing all small groups one night....taking your Lunch Program to the center of campus....having a joint event with all the other Christian groups or Church College Ministries? If you are thinking about making some change in the fall, now is the time to try it out. Nothing tells you the benefits and pitfalls of something different like trying it. You may see it will work, but some adjustments need to be made when the change is made.

Some years ago when we had run out of space for one of our weekly events, we tried something completely different for the last one of the year...boom! It worked unbelievably well. We changed permanently in the fall. It was a turning point in our ministry.

Now is the time to be casting vision among your students for the fall. If you have new student leaders on board, now is the time for them to catch the vision of what they are to be about. Now is the time for them to learn how to serve and perform their ministry tasks. Mistakes now are not nearly as costly as mistakes or lapses made in the fall. A priority for the season called "After Spring Break" is investing in your student leaders. Growing and building them up now will grow and build up your ministry this fall. Give them the time now that you need to give to that season called "First Month of School" when it comes.

College football coaches are finding their quarterback and moving personnel around some. They are tweaking their offense and defense mow. They may make way more money than you do, but they aren't smarter than you are. AND, what they do is not nearly as important as what you, as a College Minister, do! It's "After Spring Break" season!

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