Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Has God Called You to Stay Where You Are?

I have always been of the opinion that if someone wanted to talk to me about a job, I would listen. It helped me know God had called me to stay where I was. It is the start of that time of the year. I have started receiving resumes from people who are looking for a College Ministry job. We will begin to hear about positions that are coming open as the semester draws to a close.

And, it is the time of year to be tired, frustrated and thinking....maybe, it's time for me to move on. How do you know that God has called you to STAY?

Once I was offered a job....a good job.....a promotion....a raise....and a car. When I began to think seriously that I should take it, I tried to think, "Why is this God's will"? First of all, trusted friends told me it was a chance to influence more people. That's a God thing..right? And, I needed a car. They told me I would be invited to speak on campuses all over. God wants speakers on campuses all over.

But, I began to realize that it was not the job that was "calling". It was all that went with it. It was not the everyday tasks that excited me nearly as much as the everyday tasks of the ministry where I was currently serving. So, how do you know when that call comes that it is "God's Call"?

Here are some things to consider:
1. What is the main appeal of this offer....really?
2. What is the main call of my life...for example, people or administration?
3. Am I crazy tired and frustrated at the moment, but that is not my overall feeling about my current ministry?
4. Have I accomplished what I think God brought me here to accomplish?

By the way, in the years to come, after I turned that job down, God gave me all the things that had appealed to me about that job. I can't promise you that, but without those things, I knew God had called me to stay where I was. That is a great feeling. I'm not just here because I'm still here, but God continues to call me here. I hope something in the days to come will continue to affirm your call to where you are.

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