Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What's the ONE Thing in a Succesful College Ministry?....7 Answers

Many leaders in business and authors who write in that area believe that there is ONE thing that makes the difference in every successful venture. What is that one thing? One business author has written a book telling what he believes that one thing is in business.

What is the ONE thing in College Ministry?

I believe there is ONE thing......but.....it is not the same ONE thing for each ministry. But, I believe we can learn from others' one thing......and....for some of us, it might be our one thing also. I asked seven College Ministers who have large, strong College Ministries what their ONE thing was, if they had to name it. Five are campus based and two are church based.

Lynn Lloyd, Formerly at the University of Arkansas for 20 plus years: "Weekly one on one meetings with BCM leaders, staff, and some key freshmen guys."

Linda Halfacre Weir, formerly at FSU, Louisiana Tech, and Louisiana-Monroe: "Work the natural flow of the student calendar. Helps you, student leaders, work around the clock the first three weeks, rest and plan in the summer."

Lloyd Luncefort, Southern Mississippi: "Unconditional love for students. People come before programs."

Steve Masters, LSU: "Student Ownership of the ministry."

Kevin Inman, Louisiana Tech: "Freshmen Ministry and Journey Groups"

Austin Wadloe, First Baptist, Denton: "Adult volunteers"

John Shaffner, First Baptist, Lubbock: "Adult volunteers"

What is your ONE thing?

Do you know?

Are you utilizing it to the fullest advantage?

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