Saturday, August 8, 2015

Remember the 7 Reasons Students Attend a Christian Event the FIRST Time!

This is from a survey done by Kentucky BCM Directors with students in five states. It equals more than 100% because students could give more than one answer.

7. Website 10%

6. Mail 12%

5. Social Media 17%

4. Advertising 34%

3. Food 35%

2. An Appealing Event 46%

1. Someone invited me 77%


1. You must teach and encourage students to invite others. They do NOT automatically do it.

2. Having an appealing event makes it easier to invite others.

3. So, does this mean we should not do webpages, mailings, posters, or flyers? No; often students have told me they were aware of our ministry because of one of these things and wanted to come. But, it took a personal invitation for them to step over the line and come.

4. Remember; the first 3 weeks are solid gold. You can reach students during that time that you may not have another opportunity to reach. Be your best. Spend wisely extravagantly!

5. Are your first events appealing? Would someone want to come that is not looking for a Christian group? How are you planning to follow up on new people that come?

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