Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Last Minute Questions to Ask as the Crucial First Weeks Begin

1. Is my website up to date?
-Does it list our Welcome events? Are time and place clear?
-Does it clearly and simply list our regular weekly events?
-Are there pictures that show our regular events? One picture can say way more than you would print.
-Most College Ministry websites I see are not up to date or are not easy to understand what and when and where.

2. Who have I not seen that I should have?
-Is there a key leader that has not shown up or been where they are supposed to be?
-Or, we have had some Welcome events and there were some sharp students I have not seen since then....where are they?
-Or, is there a key person who coordinates a space we are using etc, that we have never quite connected?

3. If you have Center or room, is it clean and neat....will others think it is clean, neat, and inviting?

4. Am I giving priority to things that need to be done NOW and I won't get a second chance on?

5. Which does this first week or two event need....more work....more prayer.....or more money?

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