Monday, August 31, 2015

10 Quick Truths & Reminders for These Early Weeks

1. Reality Week is when that first round of tests hit and students will disappear that didn't mean to....keep track of who was there and now are not.

2. One great event or one terrible event will neither make nor destroy your ministry.

3. Students hate the reality or appearance of Christian ministries competing against each other.....and hold your tongue even when the "other ministry" is not.

4. Great titles for Bible studies or speakers make a huge difference in inviting and for publicity.

5. Start on time and end when you say you will.

6. Show and express appreciation to your student leaders who are putting in lots of extra time these first few weeks....surprise food or snacks work great.

7. Remember "The Unforgiveable Sin of College Ministry": Not getting contact info from first timers.

8. Upperclass student testimonies are powerful.

9. The ministry is reflecting your strengths/weaknesses.....make sure some way... some how the weaknesses are being addressed.

10. Make pictures at your early events...they can be a slide show at your large group event....they can be great promotional material for that event next year.

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