Monday, January 14, 2013

"Biblical Basis for College Ministry?"

"I don't see College Ministry in the Bible.". I think somebody said that to me once. I think his point was, the Bible talks about the church. I don't see church vans in the Bible either. But, I do see lots of things in the Bible that College Ministry is all about.
-Jesus preached to and taught large crowds made up of both true followers and the merely curious.

-Jesus invested deeply in a few for leadership.

-Jesus went to a wide variety of people.

-Jesus said don't stop those not with us. This paricularly resonated with me as I wrestled with my frustration of what some other Campus Christian organizations were doing!

-Paul engaged people of the intellectual community in open discussion.

-Some whom Jesus helped turned away.

-Jesus fed the 5,000. This is obviously the first BCM Lunch program. Notice only a few cleaned up after it was over....that has continued to be true through the years.

I will leave it up to you to find church vans in the Bible.

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