Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fictional Girlfriends and Your Collegiate Talks for this Semester

The many stories about a famous college athlete having a fictional girlfriend from an on-line relationship is a huge reminder that as you speak to your students this semester, there are some basics you always need to address.

One of the temptations for those who speak at a weekly collegiate event is to try to be really cool and always have some brand new, never thought of before topic. But, this story out of the headlines is a reminder how we must always be speaking to some basic issues...
-How to do healthy relationships (Bigger need than ever???)

-seeking, accepting, receiving forgiveness

-knowing how God has gifted you and calls you

-being the unique person God has call you to be

I think there has been a subtle shift in recent years where College Ministers see themselves and others see them as preachers rather than teachers. Teachers impart basic skills...not just inspire. Don't lose your teacher side. What are some topics/issues you need to address this semester.....and every semester?

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