Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who Are Some People Doing College Ministry Right?

Who is doing it right or big? That's two questions that come up regularly. Some think all they have to do is copy them and it's the short road to College Ministry success. Others realize no ministry can be exactly duplicated somewhere else, but you can learn from someone else's experience. The wheel doesn't have to be re-invented every time.

Here are some Baptist Collegiate Ministries that have a reputation for doing it both well and big. If you are not Baptist, I would love to hear your nominations. Since I travel in the Baptist Collegiate world, that is mostly what I know or hear about.

Virginia Tech, Darrell Cook, Campus Minister
Tennessee Tech, John Aaron Matthew, Campus Minister
Iowa State/The Salt Company (NOT Bible Belt and large)
Mississippi State, Michael Ball, Campus Minister
LSU, Steve Masters, Campus Minister
Texas A&M, Joel Bratcher, Campus Minister

Here are some churches that have a reputation for doing it well and big, but still tied to a traditional church, not a campus church primarily for students.

First Baptist, Denton, TX
Keystone Fellowship, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
First Baptist, Lubbock, TX
University Presbyterian, Seattle

I have not visited all these personally. So, some are listed from reputation and hearsay. Again, love to hear places you recommend from which we all can learn.

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