Monday, January 28, 2013

College Ministry Websites

I recently spent some time looking at different local campus ministry websites. They really vary a great deal. Here's my observations.

Pictures - pictures are the best thing as they tell lots of stories. Use them to show the different events. That tells way more than you can write and certainly that students would read. Pictures tell someone if someone that looks like them might be there. They tell them if it looks collegiate casual or stuffy churchy, etc. I'm not sure what to say about the one where pictures were upside down.

Over-Used Words:

Out of Date Announcements - I was amazed at the number that had announcements about events during the fall semester. I guess those ministries don't have anything during the Spring Semester.

2 Things that were not always obviously clear:
When and what is your main weekly event?
Where is it?

For those that have a Center, I would suggest an outside picture of your facility that would help students locate it in addition to address or instructions.

I am aware that some of my super techie friends would say that their students follow twitter and don't look at the, why do you have up an out of date website or poor impress pastors, alums or parents?

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