Monday, January 14, 2013

Odds and Ends on Monday

Jim Whaley who pastors a campus church in Ohio needs help with some students filling out a survey for a writing project he is doing:

Chad Logan has a good blog on campus based ministries and church based working together:

I only had two additional suggestions to my Collegiate Ministry predictions for 2013:
-One friend said that perhaps thenanswer to State Conventions cutting back on full time College Ministers was for 3 or 4 churches in that area to go together on the salary. The only problem with thatnsuggestion is that it is too practical and makes too much sense.

-another responder said part of the problem in cutbacks to campus based ministries is that many churches view Baptist Campus Ministries as para-church. That has always puzzled me! I would mail 600 mailing labels of incoming Baptist freshmen to a church for their use and they would call me para-church.

The Baptist Collegiate Ministries of the Southeastern Conference are doing a conference retreat this weekend in Alabama. Good idea! Remember many years ago when Max Barnett at the University of Oklahoma had the vision to start sending out BCM directors to other schools in their conference. Any thoughts you should be thinking in regard to your conference?

Gabe Lyons has a good article on the Louie Giglio story..."Bullied on the President's Stage".

Statement of the week that puzzles me. A gay activist said Louie should not pray at the Inauguration because "it should be more inclusive". Huh?

That's it...just Monday. But, many campuses starting today. Spring Semester kick-off ideas?


  1. You don't consider Baptist Campus Ministries para-church ministries? They aren't the church, so what are they? Honest question. Thanks for the blog!

  2. Riley, I have question for you. What do you consider the Biblical definition of a church? In many areas of the country where there is not a supporting Baptist church near a campus that needs to be reached, the Baptist collegiate ministry fully functions as a church. They worship, do missions, evangelize, teach the Bible, give, baptize new believers, and so on. Some may have an issue with this, but many Baptist leaders and mission strategists have come to affirm such expressions. What do you think?