Friday, June 28, 2013

Possess and Demonstrate Integrity....You Are the Face of the Ministry!

College Ministers must not just have integrity....we must go out of our way to demonstrate and practice it.

You are the face of your ministry; your response might be,"Oh no, my students are the face of this ministry.". But, it is you that people must believe in and trust. Every successful entity has a face people recognize and trust. Duke Basketball....Coach K. North Point Church.....Andy Stanley.

Students are drawn to what they see or repelled by it. Your integrity is not only important as a moral standard but as a key to your ministry.

-When people see who you are, do they want to support your ministry?

-Will parents want to send their son or daughter to you?

-Will financial supporters trust in your stewardship of the ministry resources?

-Do college administrators trust you?

What people think of a Collegiate Ministry usually comes down to what they think of the leader. YOU are the face of your ministry....whether you like it or not.

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