Sunday, June 9, 2013

Being Professional as a College Minister

A while back someone who had occasional contact with College Ministers was asked to describe the typical one. Their answer was "sloppy and disorganized". As a whole, I don't think that is true....but I do think that is a more common perception than we realize. Since College Ministers exist and must thrive in a college student world, it is easy to not shift gears when we are meeting with and working with others

Three reasons you want to be viewed as professional:
1. College administrators can open and close doors to you and your ministry which is partly affected by how they view you.

2. Potential donors want to give their money to someone they believe is capable and trustworthy. Why should they think their money will be used in the most efficient way if you are perceived as disorganized?

3. Parents must trust their son or daughter to you.

Some simple actions in being professional:
1. Return phone calls, emails and Facebook messages. I would go one step more and say, do it within 24 hours.

2. Casual, funky clothes are good for student events, but meetings with parents, pastors and school officials call for more professional type dress.

3. Acknowledge that you received a message or requested information. If it is an email or Facebook message, a simple ok or thanks is enough...tks works too. An ignored message sends a negative message.

4. Write thank you notes to people who send you money, volunteer or speak at one of your events.

5. Double check any letters that you send out for spelling and professional style and appearance (Remember spellcheck will let you down.).

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