Monday, June 10, 2013

Jen Hatmaker on the Today Show and Thinking outside Your Norm

Jen Hatmaker was on the Today show this morning being interview in regard to her blog that went viral. She wrote that she might be the worst end of school mom ever. What you might not know is that she and her husband are church planters in Texas. And, it's one of those churches that has homeless people and well heeled financial people together...crazy for sure!

I love Jen Hatmaker! Let me explain....I was in a meeting evaluating a Baptist program she had been on and some people said she said some things they really didn't agree with and possibly we should not use her again. She said some things I didn't agree with...but I was still thinking about them and loved the fact maybe some of those students who had not liked or agreed with what she said were still thinking about it.

Since I have been in Collegiate Ministry since Moses was a freshman, people often ask me what has changed. One of the things that has changed is that we used to think students ought to hear things they wouldn't automatically agree with and would have to think about. Now, we seem to be afraid for them to think about what they believe and why.

There are some people I agree with 100% that it seems aren't doing half as much in the kingdom as it seems the Hatmakers are. I agree with me more than I do Jen Hatmaker, but I think she is probably a better follower of Jesus than I am. Plus, I like seeing Christians on TV that act like normal people!

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