Monday, June 17, 2013

The "Secret" to College Ministry Success

A while back I polled 5 highly recognized and appreciated College Ministers for what they thought the one or two things were that set their ministries apart. I learned two things and one of them is what I genuinely believe is THE SECRET to College Ministry success....other then the blessing and work of the Holy Spirit.

The first thing I learned is that none of them said the thing or things that set their ministries apart were the same. It is the reminder there is no perfect one way. There are the variables of resources, different campus settings, individual gifts and abilities, and resources that do make every situation different.

But, there was one thing that came through loud and clear and it is, I believe, the secret to College Ministry success. That secret is, Have a plan and keep working that plan! You may tweak and adjust, but you have a very specific plan that everything you do is developing, implementing and undergirding that plan. Each of the five polled demonstrated this secret again and again....they keep working their plan. They don't change much and when they is for a very specific reason.

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