Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some Summer Task Reminders

1. Is there some student that is around for the summer you should spend some extra time with....that one with great potential or one who is especially needy?

2. Read. Put some extra stuff in your tank!

3. If you are a campus based Minister with a building....how does the outside look....yard mowed, edged, bushes trimmed? More people see the outside of your building in the summer than see the inside. I drive by lots of religious centers in the summer that are embarrassing! Often there are more parents and potential students on campus now.

4. Call someone you can learn from or go see them.

5. Attend a summer workshop for Campus Ministers like the one meeting at FBC Denton or get 3 or 4 others together for a day or two for your own brainstorming and brain picking.

6. Take a day away by yourself with the Lord.

7. Go meet some of the people in different offices on campus.

8. Take flowers or a treat to a secretary or janitor that has been particularly helpful to you.

9. Schedule a lunch with the other Campus Ministers on your campus.

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