Thursday, June 6, 2013

#Old Guys Rule

Paul Worchester, College Minister in California, tweeted that today. His point was that younger College Ministers need to learn from older and more experienced College Ministers. It is a statement with which I agree...especially since I became an old guy!

A few years back when I was leading a fairly large College Ministry, a young College Minister working in a much smaller ministry told me he didn't want to do it "the old way"...seemingly like I was doing it. In fact, he said he would not work on a staff where he could not call his own shots. As one who helps organize a conference for College Ministers, I continually am struck by how many younger College Ministers are out in the hall while some College Ministry sages are leading seminars.

So, what are some things the "Old Guys" have to share?

-They usually know the difference in passing fads and principles.

--They have survived many years and are still doing College Ministry....they at least know something about long term faithfulness.

-They have learned to minister past their of the strengths of young College Ministers is often an appealing charisma....but what happens if and when the glow of youth fades?

-They have depth of faith that has weathered a variety of experiences from which to minister...they know firsthand the good and bad days.

-They understand that tough questions don't always have simple answers. A friend of mine who is president of a college says, "For every difficult question, there is an obvious and easy answer.....that is usually wrong!". Yes, he is an old guy.

-They know from experience that things are never quite as bad as it seems on some days and they know on the good days that no the ministry has not arrived in the golden age.

Because they are older and have a wide variety of acquaintances and friends in places of responsibility, that these people whisper things in their ear.

Yes #Old Guys Rule....but you got to have good young guys and gals, or we won't have wise old guys and gals in the future. If you are a young guy or gal, attached yourself to a wise old guy or gal. If you are a wise old College Minister, look for young ones that want to learn.

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