Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Message from Your Grandmother to College Ministers

Those that have read much of my stuff know I'm like your grandmother in that I harp on writing thank you notes.

Now, as the action on campus slows down is the time to think about who ought to get a thank you note from you. Who has helped your ministry? Who has gone out of their way for you? Whose church or Sunday School class has done something for you?

Different ways to do Thank You's:

-Handwritten notes are always appropriate.

-Use a great picture from your ministry and have Christmas cards made and mail to all your supporters.

-Still have some students around? Have each one of them write a thank you message to one of your supporting churches, classes, men's group telling what the ministry means to them.

-Make some fudge or cookies and take to that secretary or custodian that has gone out of their way to help you.

-Wite a summary of highlights of the semester and mail it to all your supporters.

Do people know you are grateful?

Do people/churches know their support makes a difference.

One last word from your grandmother....get some extra rest during the holidays...brush your teeth too!

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