Friday, December 27, 2013

What's THE Most Important Thing?

A College Minister friend asked me today what I thought was the single most important thing to do in a College Ministry?

My answer was "One on one meetings" with your student leaders. It strengthens your ministry in many ways and builds deeply into their lives. Plus, it repays the investment they are making in the ministry.

He then said, "What else is number 1?". My second number one most important thing is "Demonstrate excellence and expect excellence". Students ought to see things done well and they ought to be taught to do them well. Second rate is never good enough in ministry and anything that is supposed to honor the Lord. "Close enough for government work" doesn't apply here.

He then asked "What is your third Number 1"? It is "Accountability". Are students taught to be accountable to the commitments they make? We fail them when we do not help them to learn to be accountable.

That's it....that's my number one most important thing we must do in College Ministry.

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