Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Differences in a Collegiate Ministry and a Ministry TO Students

In a previous blog I said there was a difference in a Collegiate Ministry and a Ministry TO college students. I also said both are good and we need both....they just aren't quite the same.

A ministry to students pre-predetermines when and what will happen. A College Ministry functions on the campus clock and students have big input into what happens and when.

A Ministry to Students pretty well just deals with spiritual issues. A College Ministry deals with all issues of college life...homesickness, teaches leadership, connects to and helps non-spiritual issues and activities on campus.

A Ministry to students is primarily adult/non-student led. A College Ministry has a majority of students leading and some or one non-student adults leading. Some College Ministries actually have no non-student/adultleaders.

A College Ministry is training students to take over leadership roles in that ministry in the future. A Ministry to students is usually not heavily dependent on students for its key roles for Leadership in that ministry for the future.

A Ministry to students is often better funded than a College Ministry because it has a large number of non-student adults leading out and active. They tend to bring more resources to the table.

A College Ministry tends to be more affected by the trends and decisions of a college administration than a Ministry to students.

A Ministy to students tends to have more non-student adults for mentoring and role models.

Students often speak and have the key roles at events at a College Ministry where staff tend to have the key roles at main events in a Ministry to students.

Where there are strong/large churches their ministry tends to be TO students.

A Ministry to Students tends to prioritize large group gatherings and a College Ministry has large group events but also prioritizes one to one.

Smaller church College Ministries tend to depend more on students in key roles and are more of a College Ministry.

Most Campus based ministries are College Ministries...not "To Ministries".

Where there are no strong church ministries, the Campus Ministry tends to be more hybrid...both to and for.

Smaller Church College Ministries tend to need and utilize more student leadership and be less non-student driven.

Usually, a Church College Ministry is a Ministry to students

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