Saturday, December 28, 2013

What's the Toughest Jobs for College Ministers?

A veteran College Minister recently said he felt the toughest things to do as a College Minister were:

1. Supervision - leading, training empowering staffers under you.
2. Networking - Connecting with others you can learn from and have a sense of emotional support from others who share your calling.
3. Administration - Doing the business side of leading a ministry.

First, let me make a quick swing at Supervision. I totally agree that this is one of the huge weaknesses I see in many College Ministers. The 1, 2, 3's of supervision:
1. Spell out clear expectations and job responsibilities.
- What is priority and what is not?

2. Give immediate and clear feedback in the beginning.
- What are they doing right? Wrong?
- Be sure to give credit for effort.
- Give little pointers you learned the hardest.

3. Make sure they know it is never wrong to come and ask questions.

4. Make sure they see you as a friend...with authority....not someone who is hoping to catch them messing up.

5. Each week give them some specific tasks you want to see accomplished.

6. Meet with them weekly....doesn't have to be long.
- It can be staff meeting or individual, but be personal with them.

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