Sunday, December 29, 2013

THE Dirty Word: Administration

The dirty word for many College Ministers (and all different ministers) is administration. The cry of many is, "I was called by God to help people..not shuffle papers".

I believe that if we administrate well, we actually multiply our ministry. Good administration usually leads to more organization and more involvement with a wider variety of people than just our "out of my hip pocket ministry". Much of administration connects to our funding or increasing financial support. So, how do we administrate better when that's not our calling or our gift? Here's the 1, 2, 3's:

1. Have a set time of day or week to do paperwork.
-Friday mornings were always great for that for me. Students had other thoughts and didn't want to see me on was the weekend when all was right.

2. Certains tasks are annual tasks such as working on budgets, alumni mailings, etc.
-These fit really well in times when students are gone....summer, Christmas, Fall Break, Final exams week. Plan
And use these times well and it frees you for people ministry other times.

3. Use your first hour of the day for answering messages, sending letters, etc....then it's done for the day and
You are free. Don't check your email or other messages till this hour is over.

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