Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"5 July Do's for College Ministers"

1. Make a list of upper-class students who disappeared from your ministry following
Spring Break and make a positive contact with them.

2. Lay out all the scripture and topics for your large group speaking for the fall

3. Send out a feedback sheet to 10 students.
Pick 5 students very connected to you and your ministry and pick 5 who come, but
arenot core and may not be fans of you personally. Put just 3 to 5 questions
And a return envelope. Ask what were strengths of the ministry. What were
Weaknesses and what are some new or different things that need doing. Make
sure they know it is anonymous and send a stamped return envelope.

4. Enlist a Prayer Team to pray for the first 3 weeks of school. Send them a weekly
request each week till school starts.

5. Double check your Leadership Team.
Send them reminders about their commitments, responsibilities, and required dates
for training, ministry, etc. Make sure they are still in and ready to serve. If
not, you have time to make alternate plans.

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