Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"More Thoughts on the Rainmaker College Minister"

The generally accepted definition of a Rainmaker College Minister is someone who instantly has a huge response to their ministry wherever they go. The generally accepted view is this person is a gifted speaker with a lot of personal charisma.

In thinking about all the great/successful college ministers I know, I would only describe one as a rainmaker. He has served on 3 campuses as BCM Director. One was a small regional 4 year school and the other two have been nationally known major university campuses. At each place the ministry almost instantly boomed.

Here's the kicker.....he is not a speaker, does not dress cool and has never had gel in his hair! What he does do is work exceptionally hard. He is always looking for new ways to improve his ministry and he is continually asking students to do things and giving them opportunities to serve. He is humble and at the drop of a hat will tell other campus ministers all his "secrets". Some think he is brash, but rather it just is a desire to serve as best he can and he really does not care how he appears to others.

Is he the exception to what a Rainmsker looks like or do we have the wrong picture of how God makes/creates and uses Rainmakers for college ministry?

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